Werner Strohmenger, the founder of KWS, always had a lot of energy. Anyone setting up and managing a company needs this in abundance. In 1963, he set up his own engineering office in the brick and tile industry. Innovations ranging from rapid cooling through to fast drying are due to the company founder. More than hundred new kiln and dryer systems were erected and reams of systems were upgraded all over the world under his management. Since 1999, the company has continuously managed and further developed by Patrick Strohmenger.
1959 Rapid cooling 1960 Flue gas recirculation 1970 Tunnel kiln side firing 1970 Tunnel kiln car with piled setting 1975 Jet drying 1980 Fast drying 1981 A-like setting of roofing tiles 1987 Differential pressure control in the undercar area 1990 Post-combustion of low-temperature carbonisation gas within the kiln 1994 Continuous-flow dryer tunnel kiln car 1995 Ceramic heat exchanger (for shuttle kiln) 2001 Kiln car lightweight superstructure 2001 Combustion air of 400 °C shuttle kiln car 2006 Flue gas heat exchanger 2008 Combustion air of 400 °C tunnel kiln 2008 Insulated concrete roof tunnel kiln 2009 Gentle cooling zone bypass 2015 Injector burner for natural gas pressure of 2.5 bar 2018 Dual fuel burner for wood gas and natural gas 2020 Circulation firing system up to 850 °C